I've been asked several times for instructions on how to make these miniature crochet handbags and the truth is that I don't follow any instructions or patterns, I just make them up as I go along. However, having received some more requests recently I decided to put together this post hoping it'll help any of you who'd like to give these miniature crochet handbags a go.

As you can see from the photo below I'm going to make 4 handbags using 5 pieces of crochet fabric.

Miniature crochet handbags

Handbag 1

You need 2 circles for this one. Put them together with wrong sides facing in and join them using a single crochet stitch and making sure you leave an opening at the top. Work a chain for the handle and weave in the ends.

Handbags 2, 3 & 4

Fold in half upwards and close the sides either by sewing or using a single crochet stitch. In handbags 2 & 3 the top remains open, in handbag 4 make sure you leave a small opening at the top. I tied a small lentgh of yarn on either side of all these handbags to make the handles.

These are my finished handbags. You can embellish them with ribbon, buttons, beads, sequins, small appliques, etc.

Miniature crochet handbags

And here they are on the arms of my new Mums.

Miniature crochet handbagsMiniature crochet handbags